Power and Control – New Moon in Scorpio

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The November New Moon is probing and deep. With four planets, including Venus and Jupiter, in Scorpio, and a Void of Course Moon, we feel deeply and can’t but dig obsessively into a matter. Superficial answers just won’t do!

Our plans start taking shape, poisons are transformed into soothing potions, and we see the shadow that we’ve never dared to look at before. Perhaps the time has simply come to take control of a situation that has eluded us until now.

With rulers Mars and Pluto squaring each other in the sky, this lunation is all about power struggles. What power have you given away? Put plans in place to regain any control you may have lost in the past. With such a fixed New Moon we are asked to stick to our guns, honour our values and opinions, and never give up on our personal priorities.

Rise from the ashes of your troubled past. Regain your power. Courage, honour, love and compassion abound at this New Moon.

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