Flavour Of The Day: Moon In Aquarius…


Moon in Aquarius A much friendlier, less emotional day, great for moving forward with plans, for putting our egos aside, and focus more on the community and humanity. Our hearts soar amongst friends and when we let your imagination spark. Flashes of understanding help us plot a new, grand vision for the future. Let friendship be your […]

Flavour Of The Day: Full Moon in Capricorn


Full Moon in Capricorn: A dark, explosive full Moon With wilful drive and ambition Deep and violent emotions erupt Hurtful words cannot be unsaid Painful feelings of powerlessness Erode your hard-won self-confidence Take a cold, hard look at reality Focus on what CAN be fixed Our greatest glory is not in never Falling, but in […]

Flavour Of The Day: Moon In Sagittarius…


Moon In Sagittarius: A fun, dynamic, over-the-top day Perfect for travel and discovery With unstoppable physical vitality Go on an exotic adventure Dream BIG, try something new Hurtful opinions are blurted out Grand promises may get broken Just keep the big picture in mind There’s always a reason to smile #Astrology #Zodiac #Horoscope #MoonInSagittarius #Sagittarius […]

Flavour Of The Day: Moon In Scorpio


Moon In Scorpio: A day of intensity and introspection. Out with the small talk, in with deep, meaningful connections. Good for secrets and investigations, for getting to the core of something. Do your taxes or joint finances, solve a puzzle, have sex, purge anything toxic in your life, visit a medium or a haunted house. Only […]

Chiron Retrograde


Chiron Retrograde Every healing journey begins with pain. Echoes from a painful past trigger real, deep healing. Things need to get worse before they get better. Pain leads to wholeness. Interested in an astrological consultation? A professional astrologer can give you clarity and confidence in your next steps, and arm you with a broader perspective […]

Flavour of The Day: Moon In Libra


#MoonInLIBRA A light and airy day with a strong need for harmony, fairness, and relating. Good for socializing, connecting, and doing everything with others. Not a day for dealing with the ugly stuff or upsetting the apple cart. Gather the facts, hear the various opinions, then propose a fair and objective way forward. Empathy and […]

Flavour of the Day: Moon In Virgo…


Moon in Virgo Loves Feeling Useful! A very busy day with many details to work through Good for planning, analyzing, organizing For getting down to the nitty gritty The devil’s in the detail, but perfectionism can be avoided. Take care of your diet and well-being first You can only do what you can do Mastery comes […]

Flavour of The Day: Moon In Leo…

Spark Astrology Sun

A day for fun, drama, courage, and leadership. Put up a show or go and see one. Be playful and creative, play with children. Aim high, believe in yourself and your ideas. A strong will and mind are required today.

Flavour of The Day: New Moon In Cancer


Moon in Cancer An Emotional New Beginning A Time To Freely Indulge In And Express Your Feelings The Focus Shifts To Family, Comforts, and Domestic Life, To What Has Always Mattered, And Always Will Never Stop Caring For and Protecting What You Love #NewMoonInCancer   Interested in an astrological consultation? A professional astrologer can give […]

Flavour of The Day: Moon In Gemini…


Today’s Moon Is In…
Light, Playful, Curious Mood
Seek Mental Stimulation
Socialize and Communicate
Party, Go Shopping, Call A Sibling,
Text, Tell Jokes, Experiment
Visit a Library or Bookstore
Go On a Short Trip


Happy Summer Solstice! :)

Spark Astrology Sun

Summer Solstice in Literature It is Summer, it is the solstice the crowd is cheering, the crowd is laughing in detail permanently, seriously without thought. – William Carlos Williams Not only is it Sum­mer Sol­stice, there is a Full Moon. May love sur­round you like sun­shine on a sunny day. – From William Shakespeare’s A […]

Flavour of The Day: Moon In Taurus…


Moon in Taurus:

* Laid-back, sensual, indulging mood

* A day for creature comforts, for feeding your senses

* Go for a manicure, massage, or bubble bath

* Spend time in nature, walk barefoot

* Cook a hearty meal, give hugs freely

* Work on material and financial security
for yourself and your loved ones

* Watch out for stubbornness and laziness

Flavour of The Day: Moon In Aries…

Spark Astrology Mars

With the Moon in Aries the mood is decisive, enterprising, impulsive, militant, spirited, and visionary. This energy speeds up instinctual reactions, and might put us in an edgy, punchy mood. Expressions of feelings are honest, direct, strong, but somewhat insensitive. Beware of emotional extremes – head-strong, bossy, uncompromising attitudes abound. Lack of empathy, antagonism, aggression, selfishness […]

Why Astrology is Making A Comeback


Astrology is increasingly a source of comfort for young people, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. “For those who feel alienated by institutional religions, certain types of spiritual awareness and astrology can offer an alternative. People are framing morals set forth by religion in a way that feels more accessible and relevant to their lives. Astrology, for […]

In the Mood for Jupiter


It’s no coincidence that the day Jupiter prepared to turn direct, the BBC decided to post readers’ pictures on the subject of luck: BBC Your pictures: Lucky Jupiter is often referred to as the Greater Benefic, and is traditionally associated with luck, growth, hope, success, abundance, and excesses. It represents where we are at our […]

Is the scientific community starting to take astrology more seriously?

medical astrology

Astrology and Modern Medicine “Many doctors used to take astrology seriously—and season of birth has been linked to increased risk for a number of serious diseases. Can modern medicine actually learn from stars and seasonality?” Read the article in full on The Atlantic: Interested in an astrological consultation? A professional astrologer can give you clarity […]

Booking a Consultation


How to go about preparing for and booking an astrology reading. Interested in an astrological consultation? A professional astrologer can give you clarity and confidence in your next steps, and arm you with a broader perspective on challenges, optimal timings for best results, and recommendations on how to benefit from any planetary cycle. Contact Marilena to […]

About Spark Astrology


My name is Marilena. Using my skills as an astrologer, I provide clarity and confidence in your next steps. People come to me with many different needs, ranging from personal matters such as the timing of your wedding, relationship advice, and career or personal growth, to business guidance on how to build profitable plans, make decisions, and stay […]

The Moon Principle in Astrology


With its rhythmic patterns and morphing physical form, the Moon was quickly adopted to mark the passing of time within ancient cultures. Its changing nature and effects on agriculture, the tides, and fertility cycles lent themselves to the creation of myths, legends and rituals that formed the basis of social living and belief in early civilisations. To this […]

Why Astrology?

Astrologer musings, readings, horoscopes, astrologer, consultations, forecasts, zodiac

Astrology is an ancient symbolic system dating back over five thousand years and practised by some of the greatest minds in history – Plato, Newton, Galileo, Bruno, Kepler, and Jung, to name just a few in a very long list of famous astrologers. With an impressive body of knowledge developed across time, civilisations, and continents, it can provide […]