Pluto Retrograde – Hidden Truths And Revelations -

Pluto Retrograde

"What matters most is how well you walk through the fire"

- Bukowski

Pluto rules over secrets, the subconscious, self-empowerment, and transformation. Heavy Pluto transits, such as to the Sun or Ascendant, force us to be authentic and to follow our true path.

Pluto does not just end things. Yes, he exorcises, purges, clears, and eliminates what has become redundant. But he also brings about new growth, developments, and the evolution of what is missing but essential in one's life.

When the planet turns retrograde, as it does every year for about five months, the searchlight is cast within, illuminating the darkest recesses of our soul. This is the time to face our less noble emotions, needs, and wants, as no half-truths will be left standing.

Sometimes our biggest battle is raging within ourselves. Sometimes we have to let go of what once meant the world to us, not because we want to, but because we need to, to grow and evolve. Isn’t spring that much sweeter after the sobriety of winter? Any darkness and pain that are currently weighing on our subconscious will float up to the surface. We will gain clarity on what we can and cannot control in our life.

If we are in self-denial or wasting a lot of energy obsessing over things we cannot change, this is our chance for a clean slate. By October, quite a few hidden truths will have been revealed. And - if we are lucky - this retrograde may even prove to be a priceless turning point in our lives.



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