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Pisces Season and Bespoke Astrology Chart Pendants


And breaaaathe…

The toughest transit of the year is over (well, until June). How did you do during the pressure cooker treatment courtesy of Saturn square Uranus? I was FLOORED! It was aligned with my natal Saturn exactly, so no walk in the park for this lady…After all the rigidity and edginess of last week, the energy finally flows. Welcome to Pisces season!  Venus and Mercury will shortly join the Sun in the sign, bringing back a little magic to our lives. Imagination, dreaminess, intuition, empathy – remember all of those…? They’re back on the menu. Finally!

But the good news doesn’t end here. The next few weeks are a little taster of what we can expect this Summer. This is because Jupiter will make a brief foray into Pisces between May 13 and July 28, for the first time in 12 years! This is one of 2021’s blessings. Jupiter is at home in Pisces, free, generous, expansive and unbounded. Rules will be relaxed, and we will dare to love, dream and party again. I’m feeling better just thinking about it!

The Pisces New Moon will be on Saturday the 13th, and it will be all about love and inspiration. I’m hosting a free live event on the day – get your tickets at sparkastrology.eventbrite.com

My bespoke astrology chart pendants are now available to order. Although a lovely lady has already bought the first one for her granddaughter, even before the necklaces became available. 

Each pendant is bespoke and based on your exact birth details. It shows your natal chart with the most important planet – your chart ruler – in the middle. On the back, not shown here, you can engrave your name and date of birth.  Or anything else you wish.

Can you imagine giving this as a gift for a new-born baby? Or to mark the date of a graduation, wedding, anniversary or engagement – your imagination is the limit! Priceless! Or you could get a bespoke keychain to celebrate a new house, car or motorbike. 

These unique pendants are made and shipped from the USA.

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