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Pisces Season 2022

The Sun slipped into Pisces on February 18th and we're now in a more dreamy, introspective phase for us all.

After much tension in Europe and Canada, we are desperate to feel hopeful. Mars is now heading for a sextile to Neptune on February the 23rd, which may indicate a defusing of tensions, as Neptune erodes the Martian edginess and drive. Sadly, there are other possibilities with such a strong Neptunian signature. Neptune is an ambivalent energy, often foreshadowing much inspiration, imagination, spirituality, dreaminess and compassion. It may point to a magical time, some even say the creation of new myths and legends, or legendary heroes. Unfortunately, though, there is a darker side to it, tinged with lies, deceit, delusion, subterfuge, gas-lighting, loss and disappointment. What will it be for us? Only time will tell...

To be sure, we do have a big test ahead over the next few days, as Mars conjoins Pluto on March 3rd, accompanied by Venus. Mars/Pluto is always a very challenging combination, often underlying violence and oppression. Venus prefers negotiation over confrontation, so let's hope her part in the gathering will be that of a mediator, facilitating a breakthrough in the Russian crisis. She is in her Morning phase, however, which the ancients associated with war. Will she manage to secure a win/win agreement instead? What is heartening is that this triple conjunction coincides with three other potentially positive events - a strengthening Sun/Jupiter connection and the Moon sandwiched between Jupiter and Neptune, all preceded by a very smooth Pisces New Moon just the day before. New Moons herald new beginnings. Let's hope this combination brings a new, more peaceful phase ahead.

The luckiest day of the year, especially for Pisceans, is on March the 5th, when the Sun meets Jupiter at 15°. If your birthday is around this date, what a phenomenal twelve months ahead for you! Not only do you have a year of endless opportunities with Sun/Jupiter energy, but you also have Sun/Uranus and the Mars/Venus/Pluto triple conjunction mentioned above. It really doesn't get any better than this, with many unimagined doors opening for you. If you'd like to know more, why not order a birthday report? Even better if you request it with your most accurate birth time.

The month progresses with yet more hopeful energy, including the build up of the upcoming Jupiter/Neptune conjunction of April, which now begins to get stronger. More on this next month, or watch my Jupiter in Pisces video for a preview. We have positive aspects between the Sun and Jupiter (as mentioned above), Uranus, Neptune, the North Node and even Pluto. These all point to giant steps forward in life, with powerful alliances, remarkable inspiration, brilliant innovations and radical transformations. What a rare period this year's Pisces season promises to be! Is there anything in the pipeline for you over the next four weeks? Time to dream BIG! With so much Jupiter and Neptune in the sky, don't be surprised if magic truly does happen this month.

Wishing you much joy and good luck this Pisces Season!

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