Consultations – Personal Astrology

Are you feeling stuck? Do you find yourself at a fork in the road and afraid of making the wrong decision? Are you struggling to make sense of a person or situation? Are you planning an event that is extremely important to you? Have you had a hard few months or years and are desperate to know when and how things will improve?

Imagine a life where you are on top of situations, where you can make sense of the world within and around you, and you have the tools to decide what to do, say, and think for maximum effect. That life is within your reach. It’s available from calculations based on your precise birth time, date, year, and location.

The play between the planets and stars in the sky is a clue for events down on Earth. I am an interpreter of this play, of how it affects you personally, of how it is likely to unfold. You are the actor, and will always have a choice on your script.

To learn about your journey, a chart is drawn based on your date, time, and place of birth, to reveal your own configuration of planets. This birth chart mirrors who you are, your potentials, motivations, needs, and values. Your chart is also a map of your life, it shows your career, your relationships, your family, and so on. Planetary transits are then used as symbols of events and evolution over time.

As a professional astrologer, I can offer a whole new perspective for you, and arm you with confidence and knowledge on how to tackle challenges, when to act for best results, and how to benefit from any circumstance.

Get in touch to discuss your needs, get personalized advice, understand the present, expand your awareness, and prepare for future opportunities. Click on pricing and options for information on the types of readings available.

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