Clarity Through Astrology

Gain clarity and perspective on love, life, and career

Understanding your world—both within and without – has the potential to spark a quantum leap in your life. 

Astrology has been used for thousands of years to help make sense of the world, make decisions, and understand yourself and others. Your natal chart is a map of your life, it shows your strengths and weaknesses, as well your potential. All the key decisions you’ve made—whether in your career, relationships, and family—can be traced and explained in your personal astrology chart.

One of the most memorable gifts for yourself and others, an astrology reading can give you perspective and confidence in your next steps. Click below to learn about consultation options.

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This year’s gift is a Lunation Calendar detailing dates, times, signs, and degrees of the 2019 New and Full Moons—including eclipses—for three different world time zones! 

It’s a brilliant tool if you’d like to understand how Moon phases affect you, track the quality of your experiences and emotions, and live in synch with nature.  

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Deep dive into your world

Top-of-the-range reports created using professional astrology software, beautifully presented and enhanced by me. 

Ideal as a present for yourself or somebody else, this is a lasting memento that you can go back to again and again.

Up to 30 pages of revelations about yourself and your relationships:

  • Your Natal Promise
  • The Year Ahead
  • Relationship Analysis
  • Solar Return
  • Vocation
  • Chiron
  • Your Child
  • Your Pet

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