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Is Life Coaching For You?

There is a huge potential in all of us.

We all deserve a life where that potential is unleashed into the world to makes us happier and the world a better place.
We start off with big dreams and drive, yet that vision and momentum can evaporate in the face of the inevitable challenges we all face sooner or later.

How do Top Achievers continue to win in the face of adversity? They keep learning and growing. They stay focused on breaking through their limits. They know that they may not have all the answers in themselves, and more often than not hire a life coach or mentor to take them further than they could alone.

I can be that person for you.

My clients come to me when they feel stuck, disheartened, or dissatisfied with their results. Using a combination of astrology, psychology and spirituality, I can help you unpack your mental blockages, re-ignite your spark, and equip you with new life skills to propel you to your goal.

My coaching is all about taking your life to the next level. With astrology we can delve deep, understand who you are meant to be, and time your next move for success. With a coaching package, we can take that further. I will be there, next to you, taking you through my step-by-step Life Spark Program to permanently overhaul your mental models, embed the change in you, keep you sharp and focused, help you envision a brighter and bolder future for yourself, and transform your blockages into massive action.

As an astrologer, I have been helping and advising clients for decades. I am also a qualified NLP Practitioner, capable of transforming your mindset for good. My coaching package is for you if you are prepared to step up in your life and are looking for sustained help in mastering life’s challenges.

Imagine all that you can achieve with my support! How much is a better future worth to you? Can you afford not to invest in it?
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Let’s be clear. Life coaching requires openness to being vulnerable with another human being – me. You also need to be open to try new things and committed to change. Let’s schedule a free call to discuss what you wish to create and how I can help.

Marilena Marino

Marilena Marino

Professional Astrologer and Life Coach





About Your Life Coach
Marilena Marino, Professional Astrologer & Life Coach
Hello and thanks for your visit.

I have been coaching people using astrology since the 1990s, while at the same time holding managerial positions in the technology industry. I am formally trained in modern, classical and evolutionary astrology. My website,, ranks as one of the top 30 astrology blogs in the world, attracting thousands of viewers daily. I am also a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, a certified Elite Performance Coach, and a Professional Member of the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants.

I am here to help you get more out of life. Throughout my life, my ability to empower and galvanise others has been instrumental in my success in the corporate world first, and as a coach now. I can help you break through fear and self-doubt, ignite your self-belief, set you free, and set you up for the life that you’ve always wanted. My clients’ testimonials speak for themselves.


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