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A New Perspective – The Libra Equinox


Happy Autumn Equinox, and start of the Libra season!

This is the beginning of a powerful new period in our lives. Just like night and day become equal at this special time of the year, so equality and balance become our focus.

Libra is the first relational sign – our understanding of ourselves grows through our social and intimate connections. The Sun in Libra reminds us that we’re not alone, and motivates us to build bridges and create a balance of give and take.

This is an ideal time for sharing and connecting with others. The urge to communicate is strong, and we find it easier to swap perspectives. This is the true Libran superpower – in our perennial search for harmony and communion, we reach out to others and see the world through their eyes.

So embrace this new and fresh energy, be curious about where it could take you. Learn to listen to the people near you, appreciate where they’re coming from. Your relationships will thrive as a result.

Have a transformative Equinox, All!

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