New Moon in Capricorn -

New Moon in Capricorn

When the Moon is invisible, like now, it signals that all that came before is over, and it’s time for a fresh start. Full of energy and zeal, new desires surface. It's instincts, dreams, and spontaneity, as we are still unsure of the details. We just know it's time for change.

With Capricorn and Pluto in the mix, it's hard not to associate this New Moon with Trump's impeachment or removal from office. The head (Sun) of government (Capricorn) is in the sewage (Pluto).

The ruler of this New Moon is indeed Saturn (The End) in iconoclastic Aquarius and square the revolutionary Mars & Uranus combo. Jupiter is here with the popcorn, creating a big show involving the Law. Neptune makes it all feel like an alternative reality, an impossible dystopia. Plus, the Moon is out of bounds, which makes it unpredictable, and Uranus is extra strong as it is about to go direct. This is very volatile energy. Important heads are rolling.

We are living in exceptional times. And all seems to be happening so fast... Interesting to see big tech (Uranus) censoring (Saturn) Trumpism, with the latest case in point being the removal of Parler from Amazon Web Services and the app stores. As I've been saying all along, this ain't over yet. Big Tech have a huge role to play over the next year, and beyond. There's more popular insurgence on the cards. The peak is February 17th, although these themes will be revisited again in June and December this year, plus one more time in 2022.

On my website I have a breakdown of New Moons by house:

The New Moon Through The Houses

As ever, please stay safe. Let me know how this energy feels for you. Sending you much love from unusually cold Spain. 🥶

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