Aries New Moon Forecasts By Ascendant -

New Moon in Aries

Be the Hero of your own story.

Create change during the Aries lunation cycle this year. Win at your game. Use this untameable energy to build a BOLD NEW FUTURE for yourself!

Time to put *yourself* first! Use the enthusiastic, no-nonsense, self-directed, dynamic Aries energy to push forward and create something new for yourself. What’s impacted? Check the video below for a breakdown by Ascendant or Rising sign. ↴

Aries is the burst of impulse at the beginning of everything. This energy simply pushes forward – brave, forceful, unstoppable. Find what you want to bring to the world, articulate it simply, positively, and directly, then fuse that intention into your thoughts. Infuse it with life, with just one wish – To Feel Alive Again! Undaunted. Untamed. Undefeated.

This is our chance for a cosmic rebirth.

With the help of the 5 – the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Chiron are all connected in Aries. Five planets in the sign of New Beginnings! Your vitality and courage have laid dormant for far too long. Time to step up your life story.

Forecasts by Ascendant in the video. ↴ Exact time links in the video description.



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