The Reality Check – Mercury Conjunct Saturn


Time to slow down, declutter your mind, and make thorough decisions. This is a reality check. The Time Lord demands that we stop and think things through, that we don’t rush ahead without checking all the facts, playing out all the scenarios in our head, ensuring our plans are watertight first. Any delays with planning, executing or just assessing a situation can play in your favour. Sagittarius, which Mercury is currently transiting, has a tendency to overpromise and overstretch. Not anymore!

This conjunction is going to happen twice within about a week – on the 28th first, and then on the 6th, during Mercury’s retrograde motion. Saturn is making a point here. It is about to enter its sign of rulership, Capricorn, and this is his way of preparing us for this momentous shift taking place on the 19th/20th of December. Things are going to get much more serious from then on! Duty and responsibility are going to be imprinted in us for the next two and half years. This is our chance to ease into this new framework, while we can still have a bit of Sagittarian fun.

Much as we may not like it, Saturn is here to help us. He’s the scientist or parent telling us to eat our greens and cut down on the alcohol, when all we want is to party till our heart’s content, and then end up at the doctor’s because we’re poorly. He’s our bank manager telling us we cannot go overdrawn or buy on credit anymore if we want to purchase that new house or car. He’s the judge telling us that parking in our neighbours’ slot is going to end up badly. Saturn reminds us that there is no shortcut, no magic pill, and that all actions and decisions have consequences.

With Saturn’s sobering influence, now is the time to be more deliberate in your life. Do your research and analyse a situation thoroughly before diving in. Plan, review, fine-tune, re-test, and only launch when you’re absolutely sure it’s rock-solid. This may frustrate you if you’re in a hurry, especially with Mars currently opposing Uranus, but it will spare you heartache and headaches in the long run.

You will feel these effects most acutely if you have planets or Ascendant near 27° of Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, or Pisces. If unsure, draw your chart using my free calculator, or get in touch to book a personal consultation.

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