Mercury In Aries 2021 -

Mercury in Aries 2021

If you’ve been drowning in uncertainty and endless possibilities, the Universe has a treat for you. Out of watery Pisces rises the God of Thinking, Speaking, Writing and Bartering. Fasten your seatbelts, guys…


Mercury in Aries wastes no time or breath. Speak first, think later is the motto. Alongside “Action is Mightier Than The Pen!” And my absolute favourite for this placement – JFDI! Why waste time on thinking things through? Just get the darn thing out there. Thank me now. Or curse me later. Whatever! Who cares, anyway?


Ever come across someone like that? Well, now we all become a little bit like that. Quick, decisive, impatient, cutting, competitive and funny, novel ideas spring forth, followed by an irrepressible drive to put them into practice – yesterday. Meditation becomes more challenging. Thoughts come fast and furious, the mind whizzes from topic to topic, restless and untameable, a little over-excited perhaps, the keyboard flying under all the inspiration. By the time you’re finished with one thing, you’re already thinking of the next shiny one that caught your attention. Decisions are made on the spot, without extensive research or wider validation. JFDI!


This is a fantastic time to get thing done, speak up for yourself and birth new ideas and initiatives that will support you for the rest of the year. If there is something you’ve been umming and erring about, this is your chance to turn it into a reality. Anything you’ve been too scared to say or do, now is the time. From Aries, Mercury makes lots of juicy contacts with the other empowering planets in the sky – with Saturn and the North Node around the 10th of April, hinting at a sharpness of mind that sees into the future; with Jupiter and Mars on the 17th, for a burst of energy, determination and good luck. On the same date it also squares Pluto, so expect some intense power struggle or heated exchange with someone more powerful. Before that, though, it meets up with Chiron on the 9th, so at that point words have the power to heal or wound – your choice and your responsibility (towards others).


Be aware, however, that this is only a short transit. Mercury remains in Aries until the 19th, after which we are in an entirely different situation, in which nothing happens for ages. But more on that later on. 


Learn more in my Mercury in Aries video.


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