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What Makes You Tick?

To find your purpose, you need to turn inward. You need to have a really honest conversation with yourself and have a good deal of self-awareness. This questionnaire is a critical self-awareness tool in your arsenal. It is here to help you gain clarity of purpose.

To gain clarity, a good starting point is (re-)discovering what makes you tick. The things you love, those you hate, what you enjoy doing, what you hate seeing, what makes you passionate and sometimes even obsessive in your pursuit. These can be big principles, emotions, activities, people, things, past events, and more. In all cases, they are what makes us feel alive.

Knowing yourself and your WHY changes everything in life. Yet, this purpose is often inaccessible to us, when we do not have the opportunity to look inwards. Knowing yourself has the potential to renew your passion, inspire better decisions and offer a new lens through which to see the world differently. Happiness comes from what we do. Fulfillment comes from why we do it.

So let’s take a few moments to ponder on ourselves and capture what makes us tick. Once completed, your answers will be emailed to your inbox (please also check your spam folder), for your reference.

Life Purpose - What Makes You Tick

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