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The New Moon Through The Houses 

New Moons bring fresh starts, perfect for planting seeds and turning our eyes to the future. Which sphere of life is it activated in your natal chart?


2019 Eclipses 

Eclipses may point to transformative times ahead, either personally or at global level, whether from internal or external circumstances. Why do they matter, and how do you prepare for them this July? Click on the blog post link to find out more.


Eclipse Cycles 

Did you know that eclipses come in cycles? Yes, they repeat every six months, at similar degrees, and occur in the same two signs. Find out when they last occurred in the same signs.

Libra Love 

Let’s hear what brilliant Liz Green has to say on the topic Libra at love.

Where’s Your Inner Archer? New Moon in Sagittarius 

What does the New Moon in Sagittarius means for you?