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Jupiter in Pisces

Repeating in the same zodiac sign at twelve years’ intervals, Jupiter transits through a sign reveal important developments and concerns personally and on a global scale, reflecting current morals, values and beliefs. They also underpin the topics we tackle in media and the news, the films and books we choose, the types of businesses and celebrities we endorse, what we invest in.

At a personal level, Jupiter transits in your horoscope highlight the areas of joy, growth and opportunity for the year. Jupiter is after all the significator of Vision, Progress and Hope in your natal chart. If they apply to an important part of your horoscope, the effect is likely to manifest strongly. This year we are blessed with the amplification of Piscean energy.

Watch my latest video on this momentous change, to find out what to expect and who wins, and read more about the likely themes of the year below.


Humans are meant to be social. Many of society’s ills arguably stem from isolation and selfishness. Compassion is what makes us human, and a fundamental component of of the twelfth (and final) astrological archetype.

Pisces is known for putting aside judgment and refusing to abandon others in a critical situation. It naturally understands the struggles of another person and genuinely tries to help. By approaching people and situations with kindness, empathy, and interest, it creates trust, meaningful interactions, which in turn promote health and wellbeing.

With Jupiter in Pisces, a lot of our energy will go towards addressing inequality, cruelty, and the struggles of others. It will encourage us to be kind, see others and hold space for them. And, because we’re social animals, we may find ourselves unable to be happy all of the time if others are suffering. It will promote the creation of strong, meaningful communities and human connections, and facilitate health and wellbeing at a global scale. After how things have been the last couple of years, this change will be very welcome relief for many of us.

Expect increased focus on businesses, politicians and initiatives that openly promote the values of sustainability and social responsibility. More and more people will choose to support those known for doing some good to people and planet, whether leading on ethical or social grounds and/or avoiding activities that can be damaging, such as heavy pollution, tobacco and unfair production practices.


As the pinnacle of the zodiac, Pisces is highly spiritual. This may be in the sense of organized religion, but often in this sign, spirituality manifests as a contemplative practice that expands our soul, helps us become more aware of our inner life and feel more connected to our experience and the world around us. Searching for the sacred, within and without, often brings comfort and hope in difficult times.

With Jupiter (and Neptune) in Pisces, there will be a broadening of spiritual practices and expansion of consciousness, helping to restore faith and optimism, health and wellbeing. Globally, we are yet to recover from the complexities and suffering of an unprecedented period of our collective history. This transit is our opportunity to heal those wounds.

Jupiter in Pisces will bring the moral responsibility for taking care of others, holding space for our own grief, forgiving and letting go, healing all wounds, whether physical, mental or spiritual. It will bring forth a gentleness, compassion and softness that we’d forgotten existed in us.

Spiritual practitioners and mental therapists are likely to do really well, especially around March/April 2022. We are more likely than ever to seek the help of a therapist, energy healer or shaman, or any kind of metaphysical support, seeking to overcome ancestral trauma and answer the big questions in our lives. Our personal intuition is also likely to soar. Dreams, the subconscious, mental health, prayers, psychic healing, magic, hypnosis, psychedelics, awakenings, enlightenments – will all be very topical this year.

Art and Feeling

Art in general will see a resurgence and much-needed investment. Inspiration will abound and the need for artistic expression will increase. Music, film, dance, theatre, photography, painting and all forms of art will be devoured with gusto. People will buy art and artistic experiences. Expect new fantasy classics and untold global successes in music or film to be released in the Spring.

As a water sign transit, expect Jupiter to turn up the dial on feelings of tenderness and selflessness, as we ache with desire, nostalgia, big hearts and poetry. Feelings and emotions well up from deep within. We’ll probably fall in love, over and over again, with everything beautiful we encounter. We’ll be looking at people and situations differently, with more understanding and appreciation. Dance all night in a daze of fun, and then cry ourselves to sleep because of the lyrics of a song. Even a small gesture will fill our hearts with overwhelming emotion.

At the same time, watch out for the propensity to look at life through rose-coloured glasses. Hearts can get broken more easily now. With all the longing and romantic ideals of this transit, it’s easy to get carried away by our imagination and wishful thinking.

Watch out also for the potential for addictive behaviour, self-sabotage, self-sacrifice, lies, denial, delusions, deceit, and even self-deceit. Stay vigilant and ground yourself – not just spiritually, but also by surrounding yourself with rational friends that you can count on for clarity and as a sounding board.


2022 will be a year of excesses. With Piscean energy abounding, we will likely flee into a world of fantasy to withdraw from the harsh reality of the world around us. This is a highly sensitive sign, idealistic, giving, and dreamy. Its sensitive nature struggles when faced with cruelty and negativity.

If we are not careful, 2022 may see us floating off on waves of wishes and plenty of spiritual bypassing, with emotional overwhelm and increased vulnerability. Self-soothing and despair, but also unbridled fun, may if unchecked push us towards unhealthy habits such as drugs, alcohol, food or nicotine. The risk of self-sabotage, self-sacrifice, lies, denial, delusions, deceit, and even self-deceit is higher than usual.

Big scams and secrets are likely to come from the most sacred places, such as the Church or spiritual realms, or big celebrities. Financial fraud and conspiracy theories will thrive and affect people deeply. Stay vigilant and ground yourself – not just spiritually, but also by surrounding yourself with rational friends that you can count on for clarity and as a sounding board.

Jupiter in Pisces Dates and Aspects

After a brief preview last Summer, Jupiter re-enters Pisces on 28/29 December 2021, where it will stay until 10 May 2022, and return – for a final time in twelve years – between 27/28 October and 20 December 2022. The last time it was in the sign it was 2010, and before that 1998, 1986 and 1974. What big wins and doors opened for you back then? The past is always the best predictor of the future.

Jupiter / Neptune

During its stay in the sign, Jupiter will make important connections with other planets, with the most remarkable being the 12th of April conjunction with Neptune, the modern ruler of the sign, in Pisces. Try to imagine what may happen when two boundless planets come together in a boundless sign. Everything mentioned above will be oversized, from happiness and idealism to fraud and despair. Faith, vision, hope, as well as disillusionment are all likely to be strong, as will be imagination and creative inspiration.

Sadly, this particular transit is also likely to bring forth serious risks such as hyper-inflation, mass-migration and ecological disasters. Fingers crossed, the healing it will offer will offset the potentially dark manifestations of this energy.

Jupiter / Uranus

There is nothing more forward looking and groundbreaking than an alignment between these two planets. Uranus demands radical change, and Jupiter instills excitement and optimism. Much is likely at stake, and can result in quantum leaps into the future. These two planets together often correlate with major technological breakthroughs and human advancements, as it did for the Moon landing. The exact sectile takes place on February 17th.

Jupiter / Pluto

Taking place on May 3rd, but active for grand part of the year, this alignment highlights an increase of power and wealth for some. It is an empowering transit, and can help in your efforts to achieve more worldly success in your life.



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