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Jupiter in Astrology

What Do You Believe?

Jupiter is Vision, Hope and Meaning. As the Greater Benefic in astrology, it is synonymous with expansion, success, and abundance. It represents where we are at our most joyful, free, and generous. Embodied in catchphrases such as ‘Bigger and Better’ and ‘Onwards and Upwards’, Jupiter’s expansive nature inspires us to search beyond the horizon, be it physical, spiritual, or intellectual, in its relentless pursuit for meaning and progress.

Jupiter also represents your beliefs, ethics, your attitude towards higher knowledge and education, as well organized religion and the law. Yet, life is never black and white. Bombastic, over-the-top, wasteful, unreliable behaviours may be experienced as shadow expressions of Jupiter.

Jupiter spends about a year in a sign, and returns to the same sign every twelve years, marking the beginning of a new cycle when it returns to its original position in your natal chart. It also appears to go retrograde for four months each year, during which time your vision for the future gets reassessed and recalibrated.

Find out what it means when it transits through a particular house in your natal chart, or true horoscope. Also, learn why the Great Mutation of 2020 was a watershed moment for humanity – and you!

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