In the Mood for Jupiter

It’s no coincidence that the day Jupiter prepared to turn direct, the BBC decided to post readers’ pictures on the subject of luck:

BBC Your pictures: Lucky

Jupiter is often referred to as the Greater Benefic, and is traditionally associated with luck, growth, hope, success, abundance, and excesses. It represents where we are at our most joyful, enthusiastic, generous, and often also over the top. Embodied in catchphrases such as ‘Bigger and Better’ and ‘Onwards and Upwards’, Jupiter’s expansive nature inspires us to search beyond the horizon, be it physical, spiritual, or intellectual, in its relentless pursuit for meaning and progress.

Jupiter was retrograde for just over four months, since February the 5th. During this time, its progressive urge was curtailed somewhat, and turned more to inner explorations than tangible advancements in the outer world. Perhaps some grand, uplifting ideas you had hatched before February were forced to take a back seat in the past four months, or perhaps you needed to revisit and recalibrate your hopes and wishes for the future and focus on putting more credible plans in place instead.

However you experienced the Jupiter retrograde effect, the time has finally come for you to take that leap of faith, to boldly embrace your dreams, to look for and seize opportunities, to aim and shoot higher. Go on that trip, ask for that rise or promotion, learn something new, become a mentor or leader, get inspired or inspiring to others. Just remember that wax wings will not hold you afloat for long.

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