Humble New Beginnings – New Moon In Virgo


We have a New Moon in Virgo, at 27° degrees, on September the 20th. This is an excellent time to plant the seed of an idea to see it grow. It’s also an extraordinarily productive time, with all the personal planets in Earthy Virgo. The effervescence of this past Summer’s Leo season is being replaced by pragmatism and a will to make things work. We’re getting down to business. It’s time to break everything that’s happened lately into manageable chunks. We’ll examine, assess and critique them all, and sort through debris for pieces worth salvaging from the Leonine excesses.

Undoubtedly, with such a remarkable congregation of all the personal planets in Virgo, and an opposition from Chiron, the Wounded Healer of astrology, self-healing, cleansing and purification will be our number one priority. This New Moon encourages us to combine honest introspection with concrete actions in relation to health and the body. Taking care of yourself, re-shaping your body, getting rid of unhealthy habits, establishing a daily routine related to the body and your well-being could all be gateways to significant discoveries about yourself and your deepest wounds, yielding powerful new awareness and understanding. Consider approaching this new quest from all three angles – the spiritual, the mental, and the physical. Possible routes into deeper healing could include meditation, religious/spiritual studies, counselling, reading a psychology book, combined with yoga, tai chi, qi gong, martial arts, massage therapy, and even aromatherapy. If one avenue doesn’t work for you, embrace the mutable style, and just pivot and try something else, rather than give up.

New Moon in VirgoNeptune in Pisces will however oppose this energy, by blurring our vision, and eroding our strength. Burnout will be tangible. Let it all simmer, and by the first week in October we’ll all be ready to take action and see it all through.

As ever, check which house Virgo – and specifically 27° Virgo – falls in your birth chart to get a sense of which sector of your life will get a boost. There will be an impulse to improve and actualize that part of your life. Also, you’re likely to feel its effects much more strongly if you have any natal planets or angles around 27° of the mutables (♊♍♐⛎). If you’re unsure about your chart and have questions or doubts, please feel free to get in touch.

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