Find Your Accurate Birth Time

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Find Your Accurate Birth Time

Accurate horoscopes require an accurate birth time. This means the correct birth time to the minute. Not all of us have this information. At best, our mothers remember an approximate time like "around 7"; at worst, nobody really knows when you were born. Can you still get accurate astrological delineation and forecasts in these cases? Or should you just give up on astrology altogether? As they say in Galaxy Quest: "Never Give Up, Never Surrender!"

Astrologers have an accuracy rating scale for birth times, with the most reliable being an official certificate or hospital record. Other options exist, but we do not consider them quite as unequivocal. Let's look at what these are and how to go about them.

Official Records

Some countries make it easier than others. In the USA and Italy, for example, your birth time is recorded in your birth certificate, so it's as easy as getting hold of this document from the relevant office. For countries like the UK, where this is not an option, your best bet is to call or email the hospital where you were born, as they also kept a record of your time of birth. Other sources that offer a high degree of reliability are baptism certificates, family Bible, baby books or similar.

From Memory

This is where astrologers become suspicious and start asking you a lot of questions about your life to confirm the birth time. Even if the source is your own mother, an autobiography or a family legend. First of all, we really need a birth time to the minute, as mentioned earlier. "Just before 7" or "6 AM" don't really inspire confidence in the astrological conclusions that can be drawn. Plus, ask crime investigators and psychologists how reliable human memory is over time. Yet, this is still better than nothing and a good astrologer will be able to work with it with some degree of satisfaction.

Astrological Rectification

This is where an astrologer takes charge and derives your exact birth chart from when key life events happened. Astrologers know what Saturn or Mars or Uranus on the angles corresponds to in life, and that's one of the variables on which we base our assessment. However, astrologers use different approaches for rectification, which may result in unmatching birth times from different astrologers despite identical events data. Therefore it is important to work with an astrologer that you trust. Book a birth time rectification with me.

Solar Charts

You are not born with only one chart that works for you. A very useful and surprisingly accurate reading can still be enjoyed even without birth time, just by placing your Sun in the First House (Ascendant). Planetary patterns still hold 100% true. The problem is if a planet is about to change to a different sign that very day, which occurs frequently with the Moon. The night luminary can in fact fly through a sign in as little as two and a half days, so some judgement calls need to be made in these cases. With Solar Charts, I tend not to look at the houses or angles, as they are just hypothethical without an accurate birth time, but a lot can be garnered just by looking at the relationships between planets. Book a Solar Chart reading with me.


So you see, there is a lot that we can do even without a birth time or to get accurate reading. The important thing is to understand what can be achieved and to manage your own expectations accordingly. No matter your approach, what you absolutely need to be careful with is choosing a reliable astrologer. There are many who claim to be astrologers but are in fact something else altogether or not fit to guide you and to entrust with your most personal matters. Are they experienced? What training have they received? Do they work with established astrological associations as evidence that they are who they claim to be? Are their testimonials genuine or a claim they made themselves on their websites? Have they been recommended to you by people you trust who have had readings with them?

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