Horary Astrology Consultation

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Horary is the most precise and revealing divination technique in astrology. It is unparallelled to guide you through a challenging or confusing situation. Not only does horary give you Yes/No answers with expected timings, but it also accurately zeroes in on the people involved, revealing their true motives, clarifying your options, and helping you make critical life decisions.

Plus, it’s based on logic, strict rules, and scientific calculations, not something picked out of thin air. It’s

an old form of astrology that’s been in high demand for almost 2000 years – for good reason!

What I need from you for a horary consultation

After purchasing a horary consultation, please send me an email with the following information:

  1. What is the question that “keeps you awake at night,” so to speak? Formulate the question as clearly as possible, and ideally suitable for a yes/no answer.
  2. What are your constraints/limitations/concerns in this situation?
  3. Who is affected by or affecting this situation? Genders, ages, personalities, roles, anything that can help me identify them in the chart.
  4. What kind of timescales apply to the situation – days, weeks, months, years?
  5. What are your birth details, so I can confirm the chart is right for you? Date, Month, Year, Time to the minute, Town/City and State, please.
  6. Paypal email address and transaction ID, as proof of purchase.

Cases in which I cannot do a horary for you

IMPORTANT: Sometimes I may have to refund you, because of a horary rule that prevents me from going ahead with the work. The rule is called Strictures Against Judgement and happens when Saturn is in the 1st, 7th or 10th house of the calculated horary chart, the Moon in late Libra/early Scorpio, or the Ascendant at a late or early degree. Some of the risks of proceeding with the reading in defiance of this rule:

  • The time chart of the chart is inaccurate and there may be errors in the chart
  • The question is misunderstood or phrased incorrectly
  • You have no faith or trust in the counsel, or the astrologer has a bias against you or some other personality conflict that mars the relationship
  • The question asked is not the question you really wanted to ask. Why? Because you were likely too afraid to ask the real question
  • The chart is either too dangerous or too unpredictable to judge (Via Combusta)
  • The question is trivial or disrespectful
  • You are asking the question for somebody else, thus posing an ethical question

What to expect next

If your question makes sense to me, and the astrology says it’s OK for me to interpret the chart, I then get started right away! If I need to clarify what you’re asking, we’ll have an exchange of emails or messages until

I am confident I correctly and fully get the question and the circumstances.

By analysing the chart according to a set of strict traditional rules, I can see the dynamics at play and give you your answer. This consists of a couple of pages in PDF format, plus a quick Zoom call if you’d like to discuss it in detail.

Delivery is within 5 days.