Home, Sweet Home – New Moon Eclipse in Cancer

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Home Sweet Home – New Moon Eclipse in Cancer

The England football team hoped to bring ‘it’ home. Instead, they filled the hearts of their fans with emotion, pride, and hope for the future. Welcome to the New Moon solar eclipse in Cancer, the sign of the family, home, the nation, its heritage — and of deep caring.

Cancerians care intensely. Their emotions are their compass, shaping every moment and every decision. Yet, they are just as changeable as the phases of the Moon, their ruler, going from happy to scared, desperate, and finally ecstatic in minutes. Guided by a strong need for safety and security, sometimes they have a hard time blending into the world around them. When hurt or scared, the automatic response is to withdraw into a hard shell, clinging to the comfort of a safe corner, and to shut the harsh world outside. Nurturing and protecting their tribe is their unspoken mission in life. Intuitive and empathetic, they will look after you like no-one else. The food will be free-flowing, and your emotional and physical well-being their top priority — there is nothing they will stop at if you are the lucky one under their watch. Yet, don’t be fooled by their soft and understanding demeanour. Like a jaguar protecting her cubs, the full force of Cancerian fury can be terrifying to witness, should their loved ones come under threat. Even personal safety comes second in this scenario. This is a cardinal sign, after all, endowed with energy, determination, and strength.

Pluto is heavily implicated in this eclipse. Ruling over the subconscious, self-empowerment, and transformation, it helps to surface your deepest and darkest secrets. Your biggest battles are raging within yourself. By facing your inner demons, you can be sure that no half-truths will be left standing by the end of it. What are you afraid of? Are you in self-denial or obsessing over things, people and situations that you cannot control? Do you feel safe right now or do you need to put plans in place to feel more secure? Is somebody powerful opposing your goals? This is your chance for a clean slate. Sometimes you have to let go of what once meant the world to you, not because you want to, but because it is essential to grow, evolve, and step into the future. Like a butterfly, only by shedding the cocoon can your wings spread and your new life take off.

The good news is that there are not one, but two helpful alignments in the sky right now. The Grand Water Trine between the Sun/Moon, Jupiter, and Neptune is protecting your emotional and spiritual well-being, and gently showing you the way to self-healing. The second aspect — a Grand Trine in Earth, between Venus, Saturn, and Uranus — is all about self-worth and steady, positive change. Self-awareness of what needs to be done — now and to support you in the next two years — becomes apparent over the next two weeks, if it’s not already happened. Things will just fall into place, as if by magic, and you will find yourself well on your way to your future.

Look to where the eclipse or, in this case, 20° Cancer falls in your natal horoscope to understand which area of your life is particularly affected. In a personal reading we would expand this analysis to include many additional factors specific to you, however here’s a taster by house based on generic details.

Aries Ascendant / Eclipse in the Fourth House: New developments in your home, family, and living situation, as well as in your career and social status. Your life/work balance has suffered somewhat recently, with work undergoing or on the verge of a dramatic transformation. This is your chance for more self-empowerment, both professionally and at home. Make a plan for what you want to provide for your loved ones over the next two years.

Taurus Ascendant / Eclipse in the Third House: The focus is now on communication, learning, siblings, neighbours, and travels. You are beginning to express your ideas and emotions more powerfully, with dramatic changes in your philosophy of life and a strong need for more meaning in what you do. Why not plan a learning, research, writing or teaching project for the next two years? The allure of far-flung journeys — whether of the body or the mind — is especially strong over the next two years.

Gemini Ascendant / Eclipse in the Second House: You are keen for more financial stability, so this is the perfect time to plan for a new budget, savings or debt repayment plan. Your efforts in the next two years can create a stronger sense of financial security, and bolster your sense of self-worth.

Cancer Ascendant / Eclipse in the First House: This is the battle of the ego versus relationships, of autonomy versus dependency. You now feel the need to focus on yourself, whether in terms of physical appearance, the impact you make on others, or your general direction in life. Have you neglected your needs in favour of those of others recently? Have your priorities changed? Has a relationship or partnership come to a natural conclusion? The next two years will see you putting yourself first and planning for your well-being — whether of body, mind or spirit.

Leo Ascendant / Eclipse in the Twelfth House: You have an overwhelming need to be alone, and focus on your inner life. The next two years are ripe for some therapy, or to deal with suppressed emotions and develop your spiritual side. Not a time for high energy and action, but one for dreams, inspiration, diving into the subconscious, and recharging. You may enjoy a new focus on service roles, where you support the growth and progress of others. Your daily routine, habits, health, work, and thought patterns are due a reboot.

Virgo Ascendant / Eclipse in the Eleventh House: You might decide it’s time to move on from a friend or group, or join a new one that is more in synch with your aspirations. Perhaps you’ll enjoy a more fulfilling role within a group, community or professional organisation. Cherish your true friends and ditch those who have no longer a role to play in your life. Visions for your future might take centre stage over the next two years.

Libra Ascendant / Eclipse in the Tenth House: Career matters come to a head, with sudden changes of direction possible, culminations, recognition, or clashes with people in authority. You may be asked to take charge of an important project or situation. The next two years will see this sector of your life grow and transform. Expect to overcome an old fear or a past barrier to success over this period.

Scorpio Ascendant / Eclipse in the Ninth House: You hunger for more meaning and a broadening of your horizons. Inspired to widen your knowledge and understanding, you may come into contact with foreign people and cultures over the next two years. Circumstances may see you relocating abroad, starting a higher course of study, or pursuing a teaching, publishing, marketing, legal or writing opportunity. You may seek guidance and wisdom from others.

Sagittarius Ascendant / Eclipse in the Eighth House: Somebody may be leaning on you for support, financial or otherwise. Is the balance of give and take — financially or at an intimate level — what you truly need? A new phase of deep introspection will help you overcome any fear and anxiety associated with that. The challenge is taking care of your finances and those of your loved ones without turning them into an issue of power and control. Devise a new plan that will help feel more financially secure — be it for your taxes, retirement goals or joint investments.

Capricorn Ascendant / Eclipse in the Seventh House: A new relationship — be it business or romantic — is on the horizon. Your personal priorities have been changing in dramatic ways, and with a new you emerging over the next two years, old relationship patterns may not work for you any longer. Similarly, an important legal contract may be up for (re-)negotiation, and disputes and disagreements may force your hand.

Aquarius Ascendant / Eclipse in the Sixth House: Your health and daily work and habits will get a reboot over the next two years. Changes to your diet and exercise routine will help you achieve more strength and vitality. Stress levels will need to be kept under control, to avoid a mind/body disconnect. You may enjoy a new focus on service roles, where you support the growth and progress of others. The sixth house also rules your pets, so something could come up with them.

Pisces Ascendant / Eclipse in the Fifth House: The need for creative self-expression is strong, with the focus shifting on personal projects and more me-time. Children may also take on a more important role in your life. A romance may be on the cards, and pleasure, fun, and playing hard take centre stage over the next two years.

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