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Full Moon in Taurus

Happy Halloween!

For the first time in I don’t know how long, I had a really lovely dream last night. I needed to figure out how to make candles myself, and my practical soul savoured the experience.

Candles bring light, and light brings comfort and vision. With light, I can turn things on their head in my mind, which helps me gain perspective on people and situations. What if things were not as they seem in my head? Is there a different way of looking at them?

We’re getting ready for the electrifying Full Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus this weekend. Venus , the ruler of this lunation, is EXTRA CHARGED! She’s just slipped into Libra , one of her favourite signs, where she likes to weigh everything on the fairness scales . She rules both the Moon and Uranus this weekend, but also retrograde Mercury, also just back in Libra. And she’s unshackled from the Capricorn ballast of Saturn and Pluto. She really is the strongest planet at play this Full Moon!

Taurus is normally about grounding yourself, slowing down, being you, and enjoying the good things in life. This time, the Full Moon is about the Truth of what really matters to you. No lies, no reading between the lines, no holding back. The truth just spills out, whether you meant to or not. It’s about being fair and honest with your loved ones. You’ve had to hold back for goodness knows how long this year. It’s just not fair on you.

Venus being über strong this weekend, we’re gonna want to MAKE THINGS RIGHT. We’re gonna be true to and believe in ourselves. I’m graced with countless Taurus friends. I ADORE them! They’re so genuine and warm and caring and loyal! They’re unapologetically themselves and know what they want in life. They NEVER give up. Also, they love hugs, like I do…

They’re also very good with money, and yet they immerse themseves in luxurious things all the time. Only the best will do for them, and they work hard to get it. What we value, both tangibles and intangibles, is under the spotlight this weekend. What is WORTH fighting for? What is your uninalienable right that you’ve been waiting for all this time? Now is the time to stake your claim on it. The more seemingly outrageous, the more chances it has to come through. Go for it! You’ll be supported by the Universe this weekend.

Which area of your life is affected?

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