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Astrology Basics

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About Course

Since the dawn of time, human experience has been explained and transmitted through images – stories, myths and legends. These allow us to make sense of our reality, find relevance to what is happening in our own lives, and gain perspective. Through images, we can identify patterns, habits, and dynamics that are otherwise too close to decode. Astrology is one of these shared languages, used over millennia to understand our world and ourselves and our world.

Astrology is vast and complex. It goes far beyond popularized Sun Sign columns. As the cradle of science, its lessons date back to at least Babylonian times, although paintings and objects depicting celestial events predate even that era. It takes years to learn and master the craft. This course aims to instill a knowledge of the building blocks of astrology, upon which deeper learning can then be layered over time.




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What Will You Learn?

  • Planets, Signs, Elements, Modalities, Houses, Ruling Planets, Angles, and more

Course Content

Zodiac Signs, Elements and Modalities
Most people are familiar with the concept of Zodiac Signs. Ask anybody what their star sign is, and they will readily oblige you, whether or not they 'believe' in astrology. Not only that - they are even likely to know what element their sign belongs to! There are twelve signs of the zodiac in astrology, grouped in four elements and three modalities.

  • Zodiac Signs
  • Elements
  • Modalities

An overview of planets and what they represent, also explanation of ruling planets.

Understand how houses are calculated and what they mean.

The dynamics between planets, angles and houses.

Your Natal Chart
How to calculate it, why it matters.