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In my video on the myth of Chiron, added above, you learn that I place great significance on Chiron’s first wound to help us identify and understand this archetype. His rejection at birth is often ignored, yet I believe it is the one to focus on if we want to understand how we experience Chiron in our lives. A rejection wound when we are very young – whether real or perceived – shapes us for the rest of our lives. All future Chironic wounding is an echo, or repeat, of that original wounding.

If Mercury represents a person’s mental function, and the Moon his or her emotional and feeling function, Chiron is our energetic sensitivity to others. It works as a sort of antenna for others’ energy. You are here because you are highly attuned to energy. Humans are energetic beings. Through our Chironic wound we pick up on energies in the world around us, which we experience within us as emotion. Once we learn precisely what the wounds are and where they came from, we can then learn to release the pain, and manage this antenna within us to finally transcend the original wounding and help others with similar patterns.

Your Wound

There was a moment one day when you perceived that a primary caretaker did not love you, or that you were about to lose the love you did have to that point. You associated something about you or that you did or did not do with that person’s reaction, and the fear of rejection or loss of love became cemented. Chiron’s configuration in your birth chart tells the story of this perceived rejection or loss of love.

Chiron in any of us, then, relates to how we perceive ourselves to be different, and the associated fear that being different might lead to rejection or a loss of love if others saw it in us. To this day you are hyperaware of others’ reactions to you in that part of life signified by where Chiron is in your chart. In response, you might tend to edit out this part of you, to withdraw into yourself, to avoid the pain arising from that sense of rejection.

But what is really going on is that it is this wounded inner child of yours, this infant, who is reacting to others’ reactions. You are now carrying a number of inner kids, each shaped by a painful experience at some point in your youth when you decided you needed to protect yourself. In your daily life now, you go about your business and something in your environment triggers this inner infant into defense mode, or into self-editing or suppression. It is important to realize that in these moments when your Chiron wounding is stirred, it is the child version of you, the baby version of you, who comes to the surface and, in a way, takes over.

So how do we heal this wound? First and foremost, by understanding it. And secondly, with plenty of genuinely felt self-love, self-acceptance and self-forgiveness. We have to learn to love ourselves in all the ways that others did not, could not, or would not, or seemed not to. It is not always easy, but it is the way we can come out this woundedness. Otherwise, we simply cycle through states of hypersensitivity to the reactions others have to us, being triggered into pained states and fearing that others will reject us and not love us, or withhold love from us.

By meeting the emotional needs we didn’t enjoy at the time of the wound, we develop better emotional health as adults. This will in turn shield us more effectively from others’ reactions to us. We will dissolve our fears about repeating the painful histories of rejection and feeling unloved or unlovable. We canbe willing to be present with your emotions, yet understand how not to take others’ the energy personally, as this is energy others may unwittingly project onto us, after carrying it in themselves, and for themselves.

Once we understand the woundedness and gift of Chiron, we are then ready to dive into its configuration in your natal chart by placement and aspect, and explore its effects when it is triggered by transit and progression. This is exclusive content available only to my Patreon subscribers.

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