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The best results in life come from agile collaborations with others. I’m Libra, partnerships are my specialties. I have three packages to offer entrepreneurs keen to take their businesses to the next level. Please read below or contact me if you would like additional information or to book a consultation.

The Bronze Plan

This option delivers a Yearly Strategic outlook, with high level (not monthly) guidance, geared towards one bespoke initiative, tailored to your business to achieve your target. Ad-hoc support is available for one week only (working hours only).

Bronze is for you if:

  • You are planning one big initiative this year and would like guidance to make it a success. You would like limited support (one week).
  • You feel an urgency to get your business or product out into the world and know that timing is everything.
  • You are keen to reduce any margin for error, and are determined to get it right first time.
  • You are looking for intelligent, forward-looking counsel to give you an edge over the competition, and gain perspective and confidence in your decisions.
  • You want a sound business adviser with horizon scanning expertise for your initiative.
  • You are willing to take the information and do the work to personalize it. I will provide support during office hours during the first week.

The Bronze timeline in detail:

  • Week 1 – Determine your values, purpose, and strategic goals using the astrology of your business and your birth chart. Understand Your Current State – your customers (moon), your challenges, your teams, your strengths and weaknesses. Identify optimal times and approaches for the initiative. Gain support for one week.

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Interested in an astrological consultation?

A professional astrologer can give you clarity and confidence in your next steps, and arm you with a broader perspective on challenges, optimal timings for best results, and recommendations on how to benefit from any planetary cycle.

Contact Marilena to get personalized advice, understand the present, expand your awareness, and prepare for future opportunities.

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