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Libra Love 

Welcome to Libra season, where love – and war! – rule supreme. Many people don’t know that, but Libra is traditionally associated with conflict. Libras are born where there is a need for mediation. All of our diplomatic skills cannot be for nothing, after all. What else do people not know about Libra? Let’s hear what brilliant Liz Green has to say on the topic.

Where’s Your Inner Archer? New Moon in Sagittarius 

The last New Moon of the decade with Jupiter in Sagittarius. This speaks of setting intentions for hope, expansion and fun. It's time to listen to our hearts and follow our bliss. Time to focus on what brings us joy, what gives us a sense of purpose and allows us to expand your horizons - be it physically, mentally or spiritually.

Jupiter Through The Houses 

Jupiter in Capricorn will help expand and magnify the affairs of the house in your chart with Capricorn on the cusp. Do you know which one that is? If so, find out what Jupiter transiting it indicates.

Mars Through Capricorn 

Mars through Capricorn is always a big deal, but rarely more than this year. Find out why, and how it will affect you by house transit.