Full Moon in Taurus – Happy Halloween! 

We’re getting ready for the electrifying Full Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus this weekend. Venus ♀️, the ruler of this lunation, is EXTRA CHARGED!

Mercury Retrograde 

The last Mercury retrograde of the year, going from 11° Scorpio to 25° Libra. So, will it affect you and cause mayhem in your comms and devices? Only if you have placements between those degrees, and in fact only near 11° of any of ♉🦂🦁♒, and near 25° of any of ♈♎🦀🐐. Why? For two reasons: – Planets are at their strongest when they start and end their retrograde – What I call Gangsta planets (Uranus, Pluto, Saturn) are near those exact degrees mentioned above right now. And you know what they’re like… So what do we do? Cancel life and relationships? No FFing way! (Yes, Mercury in Scorpio likes a bit of swearing… 🤭)

Saturn Contacts With Mars 

Saturn/Mars combinations are one of the toughest energies to navigate. This year they are at odds with each other from feisty Aries and unshakeable Capricorn. It’s a stalemate. It’s a brick wall. How is it affecting you? Read a classic excerpt from Erin Sullivan. Repost from 2019.

Horoscopes Without A Birth Time 

How to find out your birth time to get an accurate horoscope if you don’t know it.

Mars in Aries Through The Houses 

Mars in Aries is incandescent, passionate, independent, and reckless. What does its passage through your natal chart mean?