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Jupiter in Aries 

Jupiter in Aries”Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right!”— Henry Ford, 1947As a life coach, I am reminded everyday of how our life is a reflection of our thoughts and beliefs. Our thoughts determine our emotions, our emotions our actions, our actions, our results. It is not surprising then… Read More »Jupiter in Aries


Solar Eclipse in Taurus 

What do you get when you mixPisces with Taurus?I did warn you all in my yearly video that inflation would go sky high, and oil and gas would also be front and centre. When talking about the eclipses and Uranus in Taurus, food and agriculture were also mentioned. Both are all over the news these days, with prices… Read More »Solar Eclipse in Taurus

Aries Season 2022 

Aries Season 2022Aries Season is always fast, vibrant and dynamic. Will it be the same this year? Let’s have a look at this month’s lunations and notable transits.If you’ve been drowning in uncertainty and endless possibilities, the Universe has a treat for you. Out of watery Pisces rises the God of Speed and Action. Fasten… Read More »Aries Season 2022

Decoding Your Life Purpose Workshop – Registrations Now Open 

Decoding Your Life Purpose Workshop – Registrations Now Open

Pisces Season 2022 

Pisces Season comes with much dreaminess and introspection. It should feel less edgy, but watch out for Neptunian fog.