The Goddess Series – The Venus Glyph 

Venus in Astrology. What does the Venus glyph represent? How does its symbology help us understand and relate to this powerful goddess in astrology and in life?

New Moon in Taurus 

Ponderings on the New Moon in Taurus

The Goddess Series – Venus in Astrology 

Venus in Astrology. Watch the first video in a series exploring this enduring goddess in astrology. From placements, to aspects, to retrogrades.

Mars Through Capricorn 

Mars through Capricorn is always a big deal, but rarely more than this year. Find out why, and how it will affect you by house transit.

Jupiter Through The Houses 

Jupiter in Capricorn will help expand and magnify the affairs of Capricorn in your chart. Find out what Jupiter means as it transits your natal chart.