The Full Moon Through The Houses 

The Full Moon Through The Twelve Houses: Find out which area of your life is going to be affected by the Full Moon.

The Full Moon Eclipse Through The Houses 

Happy final Eclipse Season 2020! The portal is now open! Are you next in line for change? Find out which part of your life is under the spotlight over the next 12 months.

The Forgotten Wisdom of The Phases of The Moon 

What do the Moon phases mean, and how can I benefit from them? What is a New Moon or a Full Moon?

The Capricorn Archetype 

Born to overcome hardships and master its environment, structure, hierarchy, boundaries, and authority are key expressions of the Capricorn archetype.

Saturn Contacts With Mars 

Saturn/Mars combinations are one of the toughest energies to navigate. This year they are at odds with each other from feisty Aries and unshakeable Capricorn. It’s a stalemate. It’s a brick wall. How is it affecting you? Read a classic excerpt from Erin Sullivan. Repost from 2019.