The Pisces Man 

How does Pisces man integrate his feeling, feminine side with societal pressures?

The New Moon Through The Houses 

New Moons bring fresh starts, perfect for planting seeds and turning our eyes to the future. Which sphere of life is it activated in your natal chart?

The Great Conjunction in Aquarius 

Welcome to your new life! This is truly the beginning of a new era, the likes of which we haven’t seen in hundreds of years. This is History In The Making. This celestial conjunction of the two social planets is no small feat. Jupiter and Saturn get together every twenty years, and when they do, they birth a new vision and a new reality for humanity.

The Goddess Series – Venus in Astrology 

Venus in Astrology. Watch the first video in a series exploring this enduring goddess in astrology. From placements, to aspects, to retrogrades.

The Goddess Series – The Venus Glyph 

Venus in Astrology. What does the Venus glyph represent? How does its symbology help us understand and relate to this powerful goddess in astrology and in life?