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Saturn in Pisces by Zodiac Sign

Saturn is often feared in astrology. Watch this video to find out how Saturn in Pisces is likely to affect each zodiac sign.

The Magic of Horary Astrology

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Horary is the most precise branch of astrology. There are many types of questions that can be answered using horary techniques, for example questions about career choices, investments, money, purchases, the people in your life, and more. The most important requirement is that the question asked is meaningful. It has to be about something that is really significant in your life right now. Most horary questions come down to whether you should continue on the same path or change direction. Some are about trust in others, or in the outcome of a situation. A few are about locating lost objects.

Pisces Season 2022

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Pisces Season comes with much dreaminess and introspection. It should feel less edgy, but watch out for Neptunian fog.

New Moon in Aquarius

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The New Moon in Aquarius is here to remind us that we are our own prison guards. Understand the energy and work with it to set yourself free.

New Moon in Cancer July 2021

New Moon in Cancer, July 2021 –

– What does it mean for you?
– Who is going to benefit from this New Moon?
– What kind of energy does it usher in?
– What is it best for?

Mercury In Gemini

Mercury In Gemini 2021 – Chaos is the keyword for the next two months. With Neptune, the retrograde, plus the Gemini eclipses, our thoughts and words are likely to go into meltdown. Watch the video to find out why… And how to survive this period.

Quiz: How Chironic Are You?

Chiron reveals the nature and circumstances of your childhood wounds shaping your life today, and how to heal them.

Mars in Gemini

What can we expect from Mars in Gemini? Mars leaves Taurus and enters Gemini on 4th March 2021. It stays in the sign until 23rd April.

Venus in Pisces

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Happy Venus in Pisces! We’re now leaving behind much of the rigidity, edginess and headiness of the Aquarius stellium. Who’s happy about this?

Happy 2021

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Welcome to your new life! This is truly the beginning of a new era, the likes of which we haven’t seen in hundreds of years. This is History In The Making. This celestial conjunction of the two social planets is no small feat. Jupiter and Saturn get together every twenty years, and when they do, they birth a new vision and a new reality for humanity.