Mars in Aries Through The Houses


“I Am Strong Because I’ve Been Weak. I Am Fearless Because I’ve Been Afraid. I Am Wise Because I’ve Been Foolish.” Mars Goes Home After six months of retrogrades and six weeks under water in ♓, Mars has just come home. Mars is the energy behind how we assert ourselves, pursue our desires, and express […]

The New Moon Through The Houses


The New Moon represents a monthly rebirth and encapsulates pure potential. It occurs when the Sun and the Moon are both on the same side of Earth, powerfully conjoined in the same sign, flavouring the emotions and objectives of the month ahead. This Moon phase brings about both calmness and excitement. We feel that anything can […]

The Capricorn Archetype


“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall” – Confucius Welcome to Capricorn Season, where Time and Structure rule supreme! Born to overcome hardships and master its environment, structure, hierarchy, boundaries, and authority are key expressions of this archetype. With its penchant for pragmatism, strong ethics, and relentlessness, […]

Moon Calculator – Your Natal Moon Phase

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Mars in Capricorn – Forward Momentum

Spark Astrology Mars

You may have the best of skills, the most positive of attitudes, and the strongest of beliefs. Yet, if you do nothing with all these attributes, nothing will come out of them. Not every action may give success, but no success is possible without action. Action is key, and Mars is the driver. Mars is […]


Spark Astrology Mars

Red. The colour of blood and fire. Of strength, war, and danger. Of passion, desire, and love. Our hearts beat faster, our breathing intensifies, our reactions sharpen. Hot, angry, and explosive, red Mars is about to turn back – and inward. What will it be for you? Mars will be retrograde from June 26th to […]

Hold That Thought – The Gemini New Moon Through The Twelve Houses


The New Moon marks a new beginning in an endless cycle mimicking life itself. A powerful combination of the masculine (the Sun) and the feminine (the Moon), it stirs forces deep within, fusing conscious will with more instinctual, receptive, emotional needs. Like conception, it’s a highly fertile and creative time, yet the product of this […]

Under A Super Blue Blood Moon

Spark Astrology lunar-eclipse

It’s rare. It’s spectacular. It’s the Queen of Lunar Eclipses. Welcome to the first eclipse of 2018! Making a grand entrance with not one but three astronomical phenomena at once — all explained in this NASA video — this eclipse reminds you that creativity, passion, and self-respect are non-negotiable. Forget humility and keeping your head […]

The Power of Ideas – Uranus in Astrology


Uranus is both a much-loved and much-feared archetype in astrology. It is the hallmark of all that is new and wildly different during a given period. Its reputation as the “Cosmic Trickster”, the Awakener, the accelerator of thoughts and events, is unchallenged in astrology, as is its association with intellectual brilliance, cultural innovation, and technological […]

The Reset Button – Saturn In Capricorn

Saturn Square

Integrity, accountability, and commitment. These are the keywords that summarise the momentous shift taking place in the sky above us. A cosmic reset button has just been pressed. Saturn has gone home, and a new thirty-year cycle begins for all of us. Saturn entered Capricorn on the 20th of December 2017, at 4:49am UT, and will […]

The Full Moon Through The Houses


Have you ever wondered why people seem to go crazy at the Full Moon? Why are hospitals and the police on heightened alert every twenty-eight days? What makes this astrological event so powerful and potentially disruptive? Full Moons are a time of opposition, of extremes, of clashes between who we want to be and what […]

The Forgotten Wisdom of The Phases of The Moon


When was the last time that you checked the Moon before planting something in the garden or planning a family gathering? In modern times, we appear to have forgotten the wisdom of our forefathers, and live largely dissociated lives from natural rhythms. Yet, there is hardly a time in the history of humankind in which […]

Opportunities and Breakthroughs – Jupiter Opposite Uranus


What a powerful week this is! One of the most important astrological events of the last few years is peaking on 28 September. Jupiter in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries for the third and last time in these signs for many years – until 2099! Every 3 years or so, Jupiter will align with Uranus. […]

A New Perspective – The Libra Equinox


Happy Autumn Equinox, and start of the Libra season! This is the beginning of a powerful new period in our lives. Just like night and day become equal at this special time of the year, so equality and balance become our focus. Libra is the first relational sign – our understanding of ourselves grows through […]

Restless Dynamism – Mars in Virgo

Spark Astrology Mars

Can you feel the energy shift already? Mars has finally left Leo and moved into Virgo, where it will stay until the 22nd of October. Out with the hot heads, in with the hard work! Mars is raw, instinctive, powerful, masculine energy, motivating us to act, feeding us passions and desires. It gets us aroused […]

The Mercury Storm – Mercury in Leo


The planet of communication, the mind, short travel, and business is back in Leo, triggering the eclipse degree, conjunct Mars, and preparing to turn direct! This is raw fire on a grand scale! Expect arrogance, displays of grandeur, misjudgements, and loud roars!

Heart and Purse Strings – Venus in Leo


Love planet Venus entered the joyful sign of Leo on August 26th. Bold, vibrant, and loud, Venus in Leo takes your ego and your heart to the next level. Treat yourself like royalty and dress like a king or a queen. Stand tall, become aware of your posture and walk with confidence. Gift yourself something […]

Mercury Enters Virgo


Mercury enters Virgo. Our thoughts shift from big dreams to craftsmanship, from fixed ideas to practical concerns. No detail is too small, no stone unturned. Just remember to stand back and watch the dots connect for the big picture to take shape. Do you have Mercury in Virgo natally? Please comment below, or tag your Virgo friends, and […]

Mars in Leo – The Kingmaker

Spark Astrology Mars

Do you suddenly feel bolder, more decisive, playful, and outgoing? If so, congratulations, your royal month kicks in in earnest from today at 12:19 UT with the Mars in Leo ingress! The Mars transit through Cancer likely prompted you to take action in the areas of home, family, security, and nurturing. As a masculine principle symbolising […]

Flavour Of The Day: Moon In Pisces…


Moon in Pisces A day of escapism and letting go, of compassion, dreams, all things divine. Anger disperses, the will is forgotten. A sense of loss, nostalgia, and longing permeates our lives and blurs our hours. Emotions engulf, but can’t be fathomed, like ocean waves in a truly epic journey. Water connects everything in the world. […]