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The Full Moon Eclipse Through The Houses

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Happy final Eclipse Season 2020! The portal is now open! Are you next in line for change? Find out which part of your life is under the spotlight over the next 12 months.

Libra Love

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Let’s hear what brilliant Liz Green has to say on the topic Libra at love.


Eclipses In Cancer and Capricorn

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Eclipses may point to transformative times ahead, either personally or at global level, whether from internal or external circumstances. Why do they matter, and how do you prepare for them this July? Click on the blog post link to find out more.

The Capricorn Archetype

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Born to overcome hardships and master its environment, structure, hierarchy, boundaries, and authority are key expressions of the Capricorn archetype.

The Reset Button – Saturn In Capricorn

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Saturn In Capricorn – Integrity, accountability, and commitment. These are the keywords that summarise this planetary transit. How will it affect you personally?

The Mercury Storm – Mercury in Leo

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The planet of communication, the mind, short travel, and business is back in Leo, triggering the eclipse degree, conjunct Mars, and preparing to turn direct! This is raw fire on a grand scale! Expect arrogance, displays of grandeur, misjudgements, and loud roars!