How Astrology Can Help Your Business

Did you know that astrology is used extensively at the highest levels of business?

Fortune magazine reported on the growing use of so-called intuitive counsellors by captains of industry, including Fortune 500 executives, who rely on astrology, alongside leadership coaches and personal trainers, to inform their business strategy and take their organizations to the next level. Why even contemplate 'failing fast' when you can make rapid, informed decisions instead, plan for success, reduce the margins for error, and build a profitable enterprise from the onset?

In business, timing is everything. Working with planetary cycles, I provide insight, confirmation and a solid sounding board for your business ideas. By systematically monitoring clues for future trends, I can help your business become more resilient to industry developments and emerging needs. Horizon scanning with astrology can typically be used to help you identify potential threats, risks, emerging issues and opportunities, from the immediate up to 12 months away. My recommendations will allow you to become better prepared, gain a broader perspective, and help you incorporate mitigation and exploitation approaches into your decision making processes early on.

Pinpointing the best astrological day and time to launch a company, product, or marketing campaign takes the guesswork out of your day and allows you to focus on what you do best - growing your business. It can also be used to suggest optimal timings for signing a contract, scheduling a critical meeting, negotiation, workshop or staff event, to ensure the best possible outcome for you. It's a powerful tool to help you decide whether to go ahead with a sale or investment, and in which locale. There is no other tool that can give you such profound and wide-ranging insights into individual motives and styles of work, and therefore understand your teams and core values intrinsically. That's why it is highly recommended for hiring decisions and to energize a flagging, disjointed team. On a deeper level, astrology in business is about working with the clues in your own birth chart to fulfil your mission in harmony with the universe.

In this super fast and competitive world, astrology can give you the edge over your competition, by providing clarity and confidence in your decisions, and answer questions that may otherwise take a lot of time, money, and effort to work through. It provides fast assessments and targeted results, and guides you when you need to take charge of a challenging situation. It is especially helpful when you are feeling stuck in your business and need direction to help you cover your blind spots.

Get in touch to discuss your needs. I offer one-off consultations, to get you started or for simple queries, as well as off-the-shelf packages, for more critical strategic planning and a big-picture approach. These options can be customized to suit your requirements.