Aries Season 2022 -

Aries Season 2022

Aries Season is always fast, vibrant and dynamic. Will it be the same this year? Let's have a look at this month's lunations and notable transits.

If you've been drowning in uncertainty and endless possibilities, the Universe has a treat for you. Out of watery Pisces rises the God of Speed and Action. Fasten your seatbelts, guys... Aries is in the house!


Aries wastes no time or breath. Speak first, think later is the motto. Alongside "Action is Mightier Than The Pen!" And my absolute favourite for this placement - JFDI! Why waste time on thinking things through? Just get the darn thing out there. Thank me now. Or curse me later. Whatever! Who cares, anyway? By the time you're finished with one thing, you're already onto the next shiny one that caught your attention. Decisions are made on the spot, without extensive research or wider validation. Actions are the only thing that matters.


This is a fantastic time to get thing done, speak up for yourself and birth new ideas and initiatives that will support you for the rest of the year. If there is something you've been umming and erring about, this is your chance to turn it into a reality. Anything you've been too scared to say or do, now is the time.

The first lunation, the New Moon, takes place at 11°30' of Aries: happens on April's Fools Day (March 31st in places);


April 1st


New York

April 1st


Los Angeles

March 31st



April 1st


The Aries New Moon is all about focus and new beginnings. All the planets are contained in a small section of the sky, between Capricorn and Taurus. We mean business! Like a stubborn child, we know what we want and no alternatives will do! There is need for much healing after a heart-wrenching Pisces season, and this New Moon offers that in spades.

First and foremost, this lunation is conjunct Chiron, the healer, highlighting the fear of rejection in all of us. Many of us are held back by irrational beliefs that something in ourselves is difficult to accept. The New Moon in Aries gives us the strength to break through it, showing us that the only person that truly needs to accept us is the one looking back in the mirror. It also shows us that drowning ourselves in sorrow and self-pity is only going to lead to stagnation in our lives, and if there is something that Aries will not tolerate it's not moving forward. Aries thrives on action and facing challenges head-on.

The lesson then is that you are the creator of your own life. It's time to find the hero or heroine in ourselves, rouse ourselves up, no matter the challenge, and keep moving forward. This is a new astrological year, everything is possible with the right mindset.

The Full Moon falls on 26°45' of Libra on the 16th/17th of April:


April 16th


New York

April 16th


Los Angeles

April 16th



April 17th


Activating a square to Pluto, this lunation is as heavy as it gets. Given the choice, Libra will always choose fair play and lightness, yet this month this is hardly the case. No Libran diplomacy will be able to paper over the deep cracks in our relationships. There is a power imbalance in our lives which raises its ugly head around the Full Moon. Perhaps we've given our power away for love or for the sake of peace. Or perhaps we are the ones unfairly wielding all the power in the relationship.

What's the solution? Use Libra's superpower to get through the drama by looking for both points of view. The troublesome behaviour, whether yours or somebody else's, is undoubtedly the result of a painful emotion that may not be easy to reveal or spot. What is the deep need driving this behaviour? Is there a win-win position that would work for all involved? Is there room for compassion in all of this? After all, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces are both supporting getting the uncomfortable truth out this month.

There is more this month that we need to talk about, and that is the extraordinary conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune. Exact at 24° Pisces on the 12th of April, and in sextile aspect to Pluto, everything mentioned above will be oversized, from happiness and idealism to fraud and despair. Faith, vision, hope, imagination and creativity as well as deep sorrow, deceit and disillusionment, are all likely to be extreme. Keep your wits about you. I have a couple of clients that have lost everything to con artists in the past month. Everything. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Wishing you a rejuvenating - and safe! - Aries season 2022.



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