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Jupiter In Astrology 

Jupiter in AstrologyWhat Do You Believe?Jupiter is Vision, Hope and Meaning. As the Greater Benefic in astrology, it is synonymous with expansion, success, and abundance. It represents where we are at our most joyful, free, and generous. Embodied in catchphrases such as ‘Bigger and Better’ and ‘Onwards and Upwards’, Jupiter’s expansive nature inspires us to… Read More »Jupiter In Astrology

The Moon in Astrology 

The Moon In AstrologyECLIPSESNEW MOONSFULL MOONSMOON PHASEThe Moon in our birth chart (our true horoscope) describes how we meet our needs to be safe, nurtured, and accepted, both emotionally and physically, and through food and our home environment. It is our most authentic, intimate, vulnerable self that only those closest to us get to see… Read More »The Moon in Astrology